Check Fuel Cap light is on Inspection

Check Fuel Cap light is on Inspection


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How this system works:

It’s important for your gas cap to stay on, because it prevents spillage, evaporation, and contamination of the gas tank. To help the driver keep the gas cap on at all times, your car has a Check Fuel Cap light that illuminates when the vehicle senses that the fuel cap is not securely fastened to the fuel tank.

Common reasons for this to happen:

There are four primary reasons for why the Check Fuel Cap light might come on:

  • Fuel cap is not on: The Check Fuel Cap light exists to remind you that you forgot to put the fuel cap on. It’s not uncommon for drivers to take off the fuel cap at the gas station, fuel their car, and then drive off without ever screwing the gas cap back on. If your Check Fuel Cap light comes on, it may simply be that you blanked and forgot to put the cap back on the tank.
  • Fuel cap is not securely fastened: The Check Fuel Cap light can come on even if the gas cap is on. If the fuel cap is not completely fastened, the vehicle will not recognize that the cap is on. Some fuel caps can be a little tricky to securely fasten, so make sure that your gas cap turns until it clicks, or until it feels perfectly tight.
  • Dirty gas cap O ring: The fuel cap has an O ring that is an important part of your car recognizing when the cap is on. Sometimes this O ring needs to be cleaned and lubricated in order for the car to tell that the gas cap is on.
  • Faulty Check Fuel Cap indicator: It’s possible that your vehicle’s electrical unit is malfunctioning, and that the Check Fuel Cap warning light shouldn’t actually be illuminated. This is a rather rare occurrence, but it can happen.

What to expect:

A top-rated mobile mechanic will come to your home or office to determine the cause of the Check Fuel Cap light, and will then provide a detailed inspection report that includes the scope and cost of the necessary repairs.

How it’s done:

A mechanic will inspect your gas cap and gas tank and should be able to quickly determine what is causing the Check Fuel Cap warning light to come on. After determining the problem, the fix will be a quick and relatively easy replacement or repair. In some cases, the mechanic will also need to clear the trouble codes.

How important is this service?

Gas caps play an important role for your car. They keep debris from contaminating the fuel that your vehicle needs, and they also keep the gas from sloshing out, evaporating, or spilling in the event of an accident. The Check Fuel Cap warning light may not be as serious as some other lights, but all warning lights should be inspected right away.

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