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Pouring Oil to Car Engine. Fresh Oil Poured during an Oil Change

Change the oil of your car to extend its life.

This blog might be about why you should change the oil in your car, but it’s also about why you shouldn’t be neglecting this part of car care. Many people don’t know how essential regular engine oil changes are for long-term engine health and longevity.   Why is it essential

Mechanic Inspecting the Car with Checklist on Clipboard

A pre-purchase inspection is an essential service for you.

A Pre-Purchase Inspection is a critical assessment of the condition of a vehicle taken before purchase. Fixxr mobile mechanic can be performed at the seller’s facility or one of our affiliated workshops and provides an honest evaluation of the vehicle’s overall condition. The buyer has many benefits when a pre-purchase

Newly wed couple stuck without petrol on the side of the road holding an empty petrol tank

Stop playing; I know my car with your fuel gauge.

You probably do it all the time – when you’re driving, trying to make sure you have enough petrol to get you to the next safe spot. You keep an eye on your fuel gauge to avoid issues before getting stranded on the road in the middle of nowhere. Well,

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