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Disassembly of an old and worn car radiator by a mechanic, Understanding how the cooling system works will help you to maintain it for peak performance and increase your cars fuel efficiency.

What is in your car’s cooling system?

A basic understanding of the cooling system, its jobs, and how to maintain it can save you both time and money. Not all parts of your car’s cooling system are equal; some are more critical than others concerning the system’s overall function. The four most important going from front to

Cooling system of a modern car, leak test

Take care of your car’s cooling system

Poorly maintained cars are a significant cause of breakdown and failure. If the cooling system isn’t properly maintained, it won’t function as it should, and your engine will suffer. Here’s how to keep your engine cool and run correctly. Engine coolant, different from anti-freeze, is vital to a car’s cooling

car belts

Don’t forget about those car belts

We love your car too. We encourage you to continue regular routine maintenance—including replacing the belts in your vehicle when they show signs of wear and tear. Checking on the belts at least once a month is a good idea; you can do it yourself without any special equipment. Simply

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