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Top 4 Ways Fixxr is Better than Driving your Car to the Mechanic

Have you ever had a car problem? For example, an engine that’s not working well or a mind-boggling oil leak. It’s not easy finding a good mobile mechanic. You probably don’t want to go back to the mechanic every time something doesn’t go right with your car either. Fortunately, some

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Reviews: As Valuable As A Car Battery

A good review can be as valuable as a good car battery. In some ways, it’s more valuable because you can’t replace a car battery. We know a lot about car batteries, and we can help people choose the right one for their needs. We also know about how often

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Nine checks to get your car ready for the holiday season

The weather outside in South Africa is beautiful, and the sun is shining so bright. We’re just as excited as you are! Before you hit the road this summer, there’s something you’re going to need: a car that’s ready for all that holiday season has to offer. First, you’ll want

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