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How to know you are selecting the correct car on FIXXR?

Fixxr Mobile Mechanics | Select the right car

There are absolutely loads of cars available to you as a car owner!  You know this, we know this.  Each car, like each individual person, has it’s own particular parts and service requirements.

As such it is really important to ensure that when choosing a service that you select the correct car.  But how will you know this?  Easy – we have loaded each car we cater for with a particular format.

Here is an example below…


Fixxr Mobile Mechanics | Car Key

And this is how it will look on the site…


Car Data Format

So now you know what to look for let’s get into what the data structure actually is so you know which car to select.


Fixxr Mobile Mechanics | Car Key

It’s really as easy as that.  Selecting the correct car ensures we are able to source the correct parts so when in doubt just contact us here or use our click-to-chat functionality on site.

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