Takunda Masinire

Takunda Masinire

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Rated an average of 4.7 out of 5 stars by 45 reviewers.

Takunda is an experienced mechanic, with over 15 years in the industry while owning his own shop. he specialises in Volkswagen and Toyota models. He is a hard worker and takes pride in delivering excellent service to clients.


"Very Professional" by
on 14 June 2021
Very professional, the service was excellent
"Great experience" by
on 11 June 2021
Great experience
"Great" by
on 8 June 2021
"Convenient" by
on 6 June 2021
Had power steering pump problems. TK diagnosed what caused the problem. Got the replacement part and consumables on a weekend. The Monday following the weekend, my vehicle was ready. Will not hesitate to contact FIXXR in future or recommend anybody to them.
"Thank you" by
on 5 June 2021
Great work thank you
"Recommended service" by
on 21 May 2021
Will recommend your services excellent experience Many Thanks
"Not very Happy" by
on 8 May 2021
Another mechanic worked on the car, not him
"Very Knowledgeable" by
on 29 April 2021
Takunda is very knowledgeable and spot on mechanic he helped me well with the minor issue I had, my car is now up and running I'm a happy man.
"I'm happy" by
on 22 April 2021
First time experience in mobile mechanics, I'm happy
"Very happy" by
on 5 March 2021
Very happy with the service received. Very professional and knowledgeable.
"Super efficient" by
on 22 April 2021
Super efficient and friendly and went the extra mile when he took the car for a test drive and returned it pumped up my tires!
"Same Day service" by
on 25 February 2021
Same day service with a smile and expertise!
"Thanx Fixxr" by
on 21 April 2021
Very good at their work,am glad they diagnosed the problem quickly, thanks fixxr
"Great service" by
on 9 March 2021
Takunda arrived on time, identified the problem and assisted in getting the car moving. He gave advise on how to further ensure the car does not have the same problem. Gave good and helpful advise which worked.
"Engine overhaul" by
on 10 February 2021
Takunda let us know what was wrong with the car and how the problem was to be fixed. Spot on in everything.
"Car diagnostic" by
on 9 February 2021
"Front Brake Pad Replacement" by
on 3 February 2021
The repair was done on time. Takunda always gives me honest feedback and advises if there is any further work to do. Very impressed with hm.
"Service + Tappet Cover Gasket Replacement" by
on 25 January 2021
Very professional with exceptional service.
"Spark Plug Replacement" by
on 24 December 2020
Very good
"Curtis Young | Chevrolet Captiva 2.4" by
on 28 August 2020
Really great experience as always. Takunda us knowledgeable and friendly.
"Good work" by
on 15 December 2020
We express our sincere appreciation to Tk who doesn't disappoint.
"Car Inspection - Volkswagen Polo 1.6" by
on 8 June 2020
"Car Inspection - Volvo S40" by
on 26 June 2020
Really cool. Takunda told me the issue and all the options available to me . Very helpful
"Car not starting inspection" by
on 12 May 2020
"Spark plug replacement" by
on 27 April 2020
Very well done!
"Car not starting inspection + Car battery replacement" by
on 27 April 2020
Takunda is friendly, professional and knowledgeable. He arrived perfectly on time, and his advice and service was spot on. My car was in the very best of hands!
"Honda Civic 150l 2004: Major Service" by
on 3 February 2020
Takunda was a consummate professional that did his job and did it well.
Any questions I had were answered easily and now I know how a few things on my car operate that I didn't know before.
I highly recommend his services.
He did arrive late but really, that isn't an issue. He finished the job to schedule and without any issues.

"BMW 1-Series 116i E87: Rear Brake Pads Replacment" by
on 27 January 2020
Excellent Service form initial inquiry to completion of the Job.
I will most certainly recommend your services to all I know.
Kind regards

"Jeep Wrangler: Camshaft Sensor Replacement + Removing Catalytic Converter" by
on 27 January 2020
Very good thank you
"Service - Jeep Wrangler" by
on 9 January 2020
Thanks you Takunda and Curtis for an amazing service and diagnosis of what is actually wrong with my car!
"Clutch Kit Replacement - Citreon C3 1.4" by
on 17 December 2019
I am very happy with the service provided by Takunda and the Fixxr team. Thanks for going above and beyond my expectations. Will definitely call again :)
"BMW Front + Rear Brake Pad Replacement" by
on 25 November 2019
The experience was great
"Tappet Cover Replacement" by
on 30 October 2019
"Car Not Starting + Car Overheating Inspection" by
on 21 October 2019
Just waiting for the quote now
"Fiat Sienna 1.6" by
on 3 October 2019
thnx alot mr takunda for ur awesum work done on my fiat sienna 1.6 16v wish ther can be lots more honest ppl like u in industria
"Toyota Corolla 1,6" by
on 31 July 2019
Compared to my first interaction this was great. I will use you again to service my BMW and to replace a fog light on my Honda CRV.

Really impressed, the worked was done in under 2 hours and work area left clean and Takunda really knows his stuff!

"Ford Figo 1.4" by
on 31 July 2019
Wonderful! Very happy with the overall service.
"Quantum VVT 1 Service, Brake Pads et al" by
on 25 June 2019
The app is awesome, and our car is awesome.


"Service + Water Pump Replacement" by
on 2 May 2019
Was VERY impressed by the level of service I received from FIXXR this time round. The team was accommodating, reliable and got the job done. Takunda even went to extra lengths to ensure I would be able to get the car on the same day it was collected. Keep up the good work. Please know that you will be my first choice and first recommendation moving forward. good job.
"Volkswagen Polo 1.6" by
on 26 April 2019
You guys work hard. There are teething problems here an there (like with the tow truck guy) but generally a great service.
"Mitsubishi Triton Clutch Kit Replacement" by
on 25 April 2019
Fantastic service and reasonably quick turnaround time too. Fixxr offers a great service at an equally great price point!
"Volkswagen Polo 1.8 Service" by
on 15 April 2019
They arrived on time.

Worked fast and efficient and i would happliy use the services again and recommend them

Thank you

"Service on Audi Q5" by
on 8 April 2019
Over all we were very happy with your service. Thank you very much! This is such a convenient way to have your car serviced!

Just two suggestions:
1) They were not able to replace our break pads. Can they maybe keep these in stock to replace should a car need it?
2) The guys also messed oil in our driveway. Maybe next time they could put something down just encase oil leaks.

"Brake pad change for Mitsubishi Triton 2L" by
on 13 September 2018
Takunda is fast, friendly and efficient - came to my house to do the job, which was done quickly and at a very reasonable price. Can't recommend these guys highly enough.
"Brake Pads + Disc Replacement VOLKSWAGEN Polo Vivo 1.4 2014 model" by
on 11 August 2018
Great service, didn't have to lift a finger, they came to my office to replace my brake pads.. Thanks Fixxr!

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