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Sandra Aguebor: first female mechanic in Nigeria

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“When you empower somebody, you are building the nation economically, socially, and technologically – you contribute to creating an environment where crime and social vices are reduced.”


This women’s month, we wanted to highlight a prominent woman in the auto-motive mechanic industry. This woman is Sandra Aguebor. Sandra is well known for being the first female mechanic in Nigeria. However, she did not just stop there. Sandra has used her voice to empower woman and challenge gender stereotypes. Sandra has used her knowledge and passion for auto repair, a male dominated profession, and in 2004 started the Lady Mechanic Initiative.


The Lady Mechanic Initiative has the sole purpose of creating positive and measurable impacts. Sandra trains and upskills woman, providing them with hands-on skills and knowledge they need in auto mechanic repairs. The woman that Sandra most often work with, are woman from disadvantaged backgrounds. These women often use the knowledge that Sandra gives them, to open their own auto motive repair shops, or end up working with big car repair dealerships around Nigeria. These opportunities ensure that the woman have a steady stream of income and provides a lot of comfort and peace to the woman.


We love seeing the impact that Sandra has made. For more about the Lady Mechanic Initiative visit 



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