No one ever enjoys having their car break down.  That is, perhaps, the truest statement ever.  The only thing worse than having your car break down is then having to take it to a repair shop to get assessed and fixed (typically over a few days).  You may be left on the side of the road or in your own driveway, but the location doesn’t matter – getting it to a shop is a pain. And what really matters is the fact that your day is ruined.  Maybe you’ll miss that important morning meeting at work.  Maybe you’ll have to quickly find someone else who can pick your children up from school.  Maybe your back seat full of groceries will slowly begin to melt all over your seats.

It’s not a fun time, but finding the right mechanic can make it a little easier.  Especially if that mechanic will come to YOU!

That’s where the mobile mechanics from Fixxr come in handy.  Here are a few advantages…

Advantages of the Fixxr Mobile Mechanics

Many people think of mobile mechanics as those back-yard guys who grew up working on cars.  They are viewed with slight suspicion and disdain.  Where, however, you find a gem of a mechanic he ends up being a trusted advisor on all your car issue!  From bumps and dents to larger issues like engine replacements and the like.  Some reasons why mobile mechanics are fantastic if you find a good one include:

Reduced Price: While this isn’t always the case, many times you can hire a mobile mechanic for 20% to 40% less than a regular mechanic. Why? Without the overhead of a fixed garage, the cost to the business is significantly reduced. These savings are often passed onto you.  At Fixxr this is a cornerstone of what we aim to achieve.

A reduced price doesn’t mean that you need to worry about the competency of the mobile mechanic, though. As long as you do your homework beforehand, (researching the mechanic thoroughly and asking the right questions and checking out their profile on Fixxr) you can find mechanics that will not only be able to replace your car parts easily and quickly, but will be insured against damages that might occur and offer warranties for their work.

Up-Front Costs: Along with reduced costs, you can also depend on honest up-front costs when you hire the right mobile mechanic.  When they arrive on scene, they will first examine your car and determine exactly what has gone wrong and what car parts need to be repaired.  Then, they will give you an estimate that includes the cost of labour and the cost of the repair, just like a traditional mechanic would.  On the Fixxr platform we are working each day to provide updated costs which include both labour and parts for the service you need performed.

Convenience: Let’s say for a moment that your Peugeot broke down in your driveway. You aren’t sure what Peugeot parts are broken or damaged, but you do know that the car won’t start, no matter what you do. If you were to choose a traditional mechanic to take care of this problem, chances are that you’d either have to make arrangements to have the car brought in, which means you’d have to pay for it to be towed to that location. In the end, you’d wind up spending more than you wanted to fix the car.

By hiring a mobile mechanic, you can cut out that towing fee, because they come to you. Whether you’ve broken down on the side of the motorway or in front of your home, you eliminate the need to pay more to have your car brought to the mechanic. Many breakdowns can be repaired right where your car is.  The Fixxr platform also provides upfront availability of all the mobile mechanics so you can plan how their availability fits into your schedule and not the other way around 7 days of the week!

Increase Your Productivity: When you take your car to a normal mechanic, chances are you will have to sit in the waiting room while the mechanics on staff go through a long queue of customers before they reach your car.  This can significantly cut into your personal time.  Even if you are able to arrange for the car to be dropped off at the mechanic, you’ll still have to make arrangements for someone to pick you up and drop you off when doing so.

With a mobile mechanic, this isn’t a problem. While you may not be able to get much done if your car breaks down on the way to work, but if the car is sitting at your home or work, you can continue to do what you need to do while you wait for the car parts to be repaired.  Or if you are keen to learn about your car you are more than welcome to ask our Fixxr mobile mechanics any questions while they attend to your car.

No Standing in Queue: As previously stated, using a traditional mechanic can often mean waiting in long queues. These mechanics typically have a lot of customers waiting for their cars to be seen, and, depending on the amount of time needed for each repair, you could be waiting quite a while for assistance.

This isn’t the case when you hire a mobile mechanic. Once they arrive on scene, you don’t have to sit and wait for them to finish with other work. They immediately dive into repairing your vehicle, and they don’t leave until it’s fixed.

Disadvantages of Mobile Mechanics

While there are some fantastic advantages to hiring a mobile mechanic for repairs to car parts, there are some drawbacks as well. The most glaring disadvantage is, of course, the limitations of a mobile mechanic when it comes to certain equipment. Physical mechanic shops have the advantage when it comes to equipment, as they have more space to store said equipment.  Mobile mechanics generally have vans and trucks full of high-tech tools, but they typically won’t have all the equipment needed for extensive repairs, like complex computer systems or a lift.

In addition, many mobile mechanics work by themselves to reduce prices and payroll. While this is helpful to you on one hand, it can also mean further limitations.  One mobile tech may not be able to perform certain repairs that require the help of two individuals.

Overall, hiring mobile mechanics to repair your car parts when you break down can be a convenient and affordable option.  Make sure you do your homework first.  Mechanics, whether mobile or traditional, should have proper certifications that they can show you upon request.  The best technicians will not only have entry-level certifications in vehicle technology, automotive engineering, and vehicle maintenance, but will also have the correct cover in place to ensure both you and them are adequately covered every step of the way.

By evaluating the mechanic’s credentials (and the other customer reviews on the Fixxr platform) before hiring them to work on your vehicle, you can ensure they know what they are doing and will give you the best results.