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Fixxr Mobile Mechanics | Select the right car

How to know you are selecting the correct car on FIXXR?

There are absolutely loads of cars available to you as a car owner!  You know this, we know this.  Each car, like each individual person, has it’s own particular parts and service requirements. As such it is really important to ensure that when choosing a service that you select the

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We are FIXXR’s

We are Fixxr’s Our goal is to make car care affordable, convenient, and transparent. Having to worry about that pesky service light is not only a time-consuming and frustrating experience, it is often expensive (people take chances out there). As a car owner you often lack visibility regarding the quality

Fixxr Mobile Mechanics | Why Fixxr was born

Why Fixxr was born…

Fixxr was born out of frustration… I drive a Renault Clio IV 2013 model and late last year the ‘Check Injection System’ light came on.  I was incredibly cash-strapped at the time as well as running back and forth to ensure MTYsquared – the company I founded – remained afloat.  As

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