Guide to the Payment Options provided on FIXXR

Guide to the Payment Options provided on FIXXR

Guide to the Payment Options provided on FIXXR

We love PayFast (most of the time) and use it here at FIXXR as our preferred payment gateway. We do so because of the various payment options we are able to provide you as a client.

Here is a quick rundown of the various payment options we support (through PayFast) and how you can go about making payment (if you get stuck).


Credit / Cheque Card

Credit cards are one of the most widely used online payment methods. We accept Visa and Mastercard credit card payments. There are no monthly or transactional fees for you as a customer to make payment using this method (except those already charged by your bank unfortunately.

Benefits to you

  • Ease of use
  • No monthly or transactional fees for your PayFast account
  • Payments reflect immediately against your order
  • Built in fraud protection

How to pay

1. Selecting Credit Card As Your Payment Method

You will be asked to select your payment method. Assuming you’re paying with a credit card, you click on “Credit card”.

2. Filling In Your Credit Card Details

On the second and final page you will be asked to enter your credit card details. Please make sure that the amount you are paying is correct. Also make sure that your transacting with the correct email address. And please take note that the payment will appear on your statement as ‘PayFast’ and not as ‘FIXXR’ or ‘Sean Twomey’.

After filling in your details, please click on the ‘Pay’ button to make the payment.

3. Enter your One Time Password (OTP)

PayFast provides enhanced fraud mechanisms.  One such is the need to provide a valid contact number or email address (the one you have linked to your bank account) and request an OTP to be sent to one of these options.  Once received ensure you populate the OTP correctly.  This will complete your payment and you will be re-directed back to the FIXXR website.


Instant EFT

No credit card? No problem. Instant EFT allows online shoppers with access to internet banking to make an internet banking transfer (EFT) that gets instantly verified. There is no two day wait, you don’t need to send in proof of payments and it can be used with six of South Africa’s biggest banks.

6 South African banks supported

  • FNB
  • ABSA
  • Standard Bank
  • Nedbank
  • Capitec Bank
  • Investec

More flexibility for you as a client

With PayFast’s Instant EFT, you have the most flexibility since you can choose whether to create a payment automatically or load the payment yourself through your preferred banking portal (only available for FNB, ABSA, Standard Bank and Nedbank).

Benefits to you

  • Clears immediately; no two day wait
  • No proof of payment required
  • No delays during checkout
  • Works on all browsers and most smart mobile devices

How to Pay

Instant EFT – Automatic EFT

Instant EFT – Customer Loaded EFT


Masterpass is a simple, convenient, trusted digital wallet from MasterCard for faster, safer shopping at online merchants.

A digital wallet makes online shopping safer and easy by storing payment information in one secure place.

Masterpass works with all major credit, cheque and debit cards and secures the users data using industry leading technology.

Benefits to you

  • Ease of use
  • Simpler checkout
  • Payments reflect immediately against your order
  • Advanced fraud protection

How to Pay


With SCode you can pay for your online purchases using cash, debit or credit card at selected physical stores across South Africa.

Benefits to you

  • Clears immediately; no two day wait
  • No proof of payment required
  • No delays during checkout with order being confirmed as soon as payment made in-store
  • Over 6 000 stores to make payment at coutnry wide

How to Pay

Step 1:

When you are ready to checkout and pay you will be redirected to PayFast, you will then need to enter your email address or cell phone number. Once you’ve done this you will choose the SCode payment option.

Step 2:

You will then see the selected stores where you can make payment. Click the ‘I WILL MAKE PAYMENT’ button.

Step 3:

You will then receive an SMS code or an email with a barcode (if you entered your email in step 1 you’ll receive an email. If you entered your mobile number you’ll receive an SMS).

Print your email or take your mobile phone with the SMS with you to your preferred store to make payment. The email and SMS code will only be valid for 7 days.

Email barcode

SMS code

Step 4:

The cashier will scan or enter the 16 digit barcode number which was sent via email or SMS. You can pay with cash, debit or credit card. You will then receive a receipt for your payment and the merchant will be notified that you’ve made payment.

It couldn’t be easier and safer to pay for your online purchases in person.


This post aims to provide you with all you need in order to make the easiest, most convenient choice possible when selecting a payment option.  We will always aim to provide you with cutting edge functionality so that you can focus on what’s important to you (and having to worry about how to make payment for your car’s service should not be one of those things).


If you have any queries about PayFast, the payment options we provide or our payment process please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]

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